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In 2015 we pulled two former migrant boats from the Mediterranean to Amsterdam. To start the most inclusive, the most colourful and probably the most sympathetic canal cruise company of the city. You may decide whether we have succeeded in this. We – a crew with roots in Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Egypt and the Netherlands – would love to sail and guide you through our beautiful Amsterdam.

Like to discover Amsterdam together?

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Every Saturday at 11:00 and 13:30, we sail out for our Canal Tour, in which we focus on the role migrants have played in the making of Amsterdam. The open and tolerant character of the city has shaped her into the international hotspot it is today. Our guides tell you the hidden history of Amsterdam through the eyes of its immigrants and outsiders, including their personal migration story. This tour can also be booked privately!

In this period of pandemic we are only able to sail with certain restrictions. Please contact us  via:


Join us on a Friday afternoon for a tour with our flagship Alhadj Djumaa (which translated means ‘Mister Friday’ in Arabic). 

We are still organising our program for the summer of 2022. What it will be, we simply don’t know yet. Whatever it will be, we will have musicians, theatremakers or storytellers on board.

We like to see you on board! And feel free to bring some of your favorite snacks and drinks with you.

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Alhadj Djumaa

The official name of this Egyptian vessel is ‘Alhadj Djumaa’. Alhadj means a wise old man who has been on pilgrimage, and Djumaa means Friday. It departed Egypt on the 25th of July 2013, headed for Lampedusa. It’s only 12m by 4m, but it carried a staggering 282 passengers – 217 Eritreans and 65 Ethiopians. As far as we know, they all made it safely across the ocean.

The boat was seized the day after departure by the Italian authorities, who later gave it to us.

In between the oil barrels, life jackets and clothes left behind on board, we found a book of sheet music for guitar. One other line of text is written on the back of the vessel: road to freedom, way of peace.


We don’t know much about the history of our smaller boat, except that it was picked up by the Italian coast guard on August 29, 2014, about 18 miles southwest of the Sicilian town of Portopalo. We call it “Hedir”, the word that is written on the side, which means ‘thunder’ or ‘roar’ or ‘powerful woman’ in Arabic. Our only other clue to its history was a pair of diving goggles which were left on board.

At just 6m long, it’s well suited for slipping through the canals and under bridges. Since all new vessels in Amsterdam have to be electric, we refitted this former refugee boat, so now it moves along silently.


The ‘Gamela’ comes from Port Said (Egypt) and was built by order of a Dutch business man as a luxury saloon boat. The boat was made electric in spring 2018.

Maximum number of passengers: 12

We also call this boat “The Expat” because of its different background.


Yes please keep us sailing, feel free to donate something here – it’s donations from generous people like you that make the difference for us.

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Rederij Lampedusa is a project of Teun Castelein, Hatim Sherif, Yusuf Adam Suali, Sami Tsegaye, Başak Layiç, Dorendel Overmars, Renze Mout, Felice Plijter, Mohammad Al Masri, Firoez Azarhoosh, Ellen Verkooijen, Fleur Bakker and Karl Giesriegl.

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